International Journal of
knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Volume 3 Number 1 (April 2015)

Print: ISSN 2054-3662    Online: ISSN 2054-3670


James Ogunleye. Predictive Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Computing



James Ogunleye.  Minimising the Limitations of Predictive Analytics

Fatima Zohra, Misbah Iqbal & M. Fahad Khan.  Green computing through modeling network servers and power reduction in portable devices through solar energy

Jørgen Ravn Elkjær. Entrepreneurial Obstacles to Growth

Fatima Zohra, Misbah Iqbal & Nadeem Majeed. Multi-Site Software Development and Its Challenges in Requirements Engineering Using Goal Based Approach


Volume 2 Number 3 (December 2014)

Print: ISSN 2054-3662    Online: ISSN 2054-3670

Special Issue on Big Data, Analytics and Cloud Computing


James Ogunleye. Applying Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing Model in a Variety of Sectoral Contexts                                        


Asma Sattar, Faria Nazir, Faiza Kiani & Muhammad Fahad Khan. Security Management in Cloud Computing to Secure Cloud from Data Loss

Victor O. Waziri, John K. Alhassan, Olalere Morufu & Idris ISMAILA. Big Data Analytics and the Epitome of Fully Homomorphic  Encryption Scheme for Cloud Computing Security

Dominique Heger. Big Data Analytics—Where to go from Here

Irina Neaga & Yuqiuge Hao. A Holistic Analysis of Cloud Based Big Data Mining

Mathew E. Nwanga, Elizabeth N. Onwuka, Abiodun M. Aibinu & Osichinaka C. Ubadike. Leveraging Big Data in Enhancing National Security in Nigeria

James Ogunleye.  The Concepts of Predictive Analytics


Volume 2 Number 2 (August 2014)

Print: ISSN 2054-3662    Online: ISSN 2054-3670


JAMES OGUNLEYE. Knowledge-education, Creativity and Innovation                                         


Deryn Graham.  Models of Knowledge and Big Data

Gavin Suss. The “Innovation Through Education” (ITE) Program: Teaching

and Encouraging Innovation For Middle Management

Jaroslaw Oczki. Forecasting Internal Labour Supply with a Use of Markov Chain Analysis

Sean McCusker. Lego®, Serious Play TM: Thinking About Teaching and Learning

Tatiana Gavrilova, Artem Alsufyev & Anna-Sophia Yanson. Transforming Canvas Model: Map versus Table


Volume 2 Number 1 (April 2014)

Print: ISSN 2054-3662    Online: ISSN 2054-3670


James Ogunleye, Appollo Tankeh & Dom Heger. Innovation and Enterprise


Tariq Sadat, Roslyn Russell & Mark Stewart. Shifting paths of pharmaceutical innovation: Implications for the global pharmaceutical industry

Anthony I. Anosike & Ming K. Lim. A synergistic approach to process innovation

Munazza Jannisar, Ruqia Bibi & Muhammad Fahad Khan. Testing techniques selection based on SWOT analysis

Josette Dijkhuizen,  Marc van Veldhoven & René Schalk. Development and Validation of the Entrepreneurial Job Demands Scale

Mohammad Khan Rahatullah. Role of trust and commitment in building successful franchise business relationships

James Ogunleye. Contrasting cases of corporate crisis management systems: a research report


Volume 1 Numbers 1-2  (August & December 2013)

Print: ISSN 2054-3662    Online: ISSN 2054-3670

James Ogunleye. Editorial

Diverse and varied collections of papers on knowledge, innovation, creativity and enterprise                                       



Gang Du, Jianping Yu, Li Sun & Ray Y. Wu. Leader-followers Joint

Optimization of Product Family Configuration and Supply  Chain Design


K.G. Satheesh Kumar & Amalendu Jyotishi. Transaction Cost Levelling to Reduce Incumbent’s Difficulty in Innovation:

A Heuristic  Approach through Critical Review


Solomon A. Adesoji & F.O. Kerere. Assessment of the knowledge level of fishers and fish farmers in Lagos State, Nigeria


Busayo S. Famuyiwa, Dixion O. Torimiro & Solomon A. Adesoji. Determination of Cocoa Farmers’ Knowledge on Environmental

Hazards Associated with Cocoa Farming Operations in Nigeria


Kuralay Mukhamadi. Innovation in Integrated Language Teaching: Present and Future


Olga Nessipbayeva. Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Education


Ron Corso & Charlie-Helen Robinson. Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media


Somprakash Bandyopadhyay,  Vaybhav Shaw, Aadrita Banerjee & Debopriyo Nag.  Social Knowledge Management: Use of Social Media for Disseminating Informal Wisdom of Elderly to the Youth


Daniele Doneddu, Azmol Hussain & Marc Clement.  A New Paradigm To Help Accelerate The Transformation of Resource-Rich Nations into Sustainable Knowledge Economies

Marcus Birkenkrahe, Shushma Patel & Stefanie Quade. Innovative uses of collaborative platforms and social media tools

James Ogunleye & Appolo Tankeh. Examining major contrasting risks for Knowledge-driven R&D-intensive companies

Deryn Graham. Chronology of Competence Achievement


Maia Ozdemir.Tell me your ethnicity and I will tell you what you are: culture as a key factor of creativity in business